Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming together

Life is coming together. A few thoughts: is my new internet lover. I never thought I could stray from Google, but Bing just may have stolen my heart. Bing is like Google, but a step above. It's simple - simpler than Google. It's attractive - the background changes every day. Today there's an cute sea turtle looking right at me as I do my online searches. The never-ending scroll bar as I go through pictures is genius, as is the 7-second preview of videos just by placing my pointer over the image. Just when you thought the best couldn't be beaten, Microsoft releases Bing.
The end is in sight! Feeling somewhat overwhelmed for the last couple of months, I finally visited a school advisor to see where I was academically. Turns out, I have a mere 4 semesters left. As if that wasn't good news enough, he planned everything out for me. I cannot be more pleased.
We rented waverunners a couple weeks back at Deer Creek. What a blast. My last jetskiing experience was about 2 years ago in Hawaii, where we were constrained to a big clockwise loop. There were no limits at deer creek. I managed to throw myself off 7 times in total, the best of which was when Brandon and I were riding together. We were so heavy that every little turn almost capsized us, so when we finally fell, we fell hard. The the waverunner shot about 40 yards in front of us. It was hilarious.
I failed to mention that Daniel Summit Lodge, minutes away from Strawberry Reservoir, is awesome. They had arcade games that cost only 25 cents, including Ms. Pacman and Pinball. Tawni and I about wet our pants playing this submarine game. We probably spent at least $10 on that machine alone, but it all paid off when we were able to put our initials in as the Number 1 top score. I can't wait to go back to see our victory.
Our ward is heading to Jackson Hole in a couple weeks, which should be awesome.
Dating? Blah.
Brittany comes home from Kansas after 4 weeks; my mother after 2. And it's good to see Brandon starting life with his wife and almost baby. They're taking off to Iowa next week. Sad, but good for him!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Water Balloon Toss

Bonneville Radio held their annual 4th of July BBQ at the Triad Center last week. The Carriage Cafe provided their grills for our hamburgers and hot dogs, and we all enjoyed a favorable lunch around the rushing waters of the Triad Center fountain. Tickets were dispersed and prizes were given to celebrate the birth of this nation.

The best prizes were yet to be given: satisfaction, victory, and $25 to use at the Gateway.

Yes. We had a water balloon toss.

The principles of the water balloon toss are simple. There must be one or two referees. Participants are divided into teams of two (the number of teams is limitless). Team members face each other, standing a few feet apart. Each team has one water balloon. All balloons must start in the same side. At the referees signal, the team member with the balloon must toss it to his teammate. If the catch is successful, mild cheering is allowed. Both members must take a step backward. Then repeat, each time taking a step back. The team who doesn't drop their balloon wins.

And so it was with Brandon and I. Being brothers at the same workplace, it was natural for us to be a team. As the toss progressed, I knew we'd be tough to beat. Our lobs were perfect - soft releases yet with enough force to reach each others hands. Our catches were delicate - extended arms and wide hands initially cup the balloon, then a quick step back and a swinging motion help to cradle the water-filled latex. Throw after throw I was astonished at our success, until we finally defeated the competition. With sweat running down my back, I gratefully accepted the well-deserved Gateway gift card.