Saturday, February 6, 2010

Washington, DC: Blizzard of 2010

Here's a video or two of the snow...

It snowed for over 24 hours straight!

Here's a view from the ground level:

I guess there was a big organized snowball fight at DuPont Cirlce. We didn't get over there, but from what I hear it was a blast.

People were cross-country skiing down the middle of the road. Here's a little view of downtown DC, right next the the National Treasury and the White House:

I have more, but I'll have to put those up later...


Barrett Family said...

Oh my goodness. Looks like Iowa!!! Your hair looks great. I love that it took 3 people to cut it! We miss you!!!

Lynsey said...

It looks like you are having a blast! Cold, but fun! And it's true....the haircut does look fantastic :)