Thursday, August 12, 2010

BCHM 2010

On July 17, I ran (and completed) my first half marathon. It was in Bryce Canyon, which is absolutely gorgeous. Those running the race were my dad, Brandon, Michelle, Kim (Michelle's sister) Tawni, and myself. Brittany, my cute little sister, was registered but pulled out due to a stress fracture on her right leg. So literally days before the race my dad, who had not planned on running at all, decided he would take her spot. I was so proud when he came across the line in awesome time.

We stayed in Fosters Motel, a quaint place that was so perfect for the occasion. (Did I mention that yiddle Ben joined us? He took video/photos at the finish line for us.)

Here's Britt with her monster Frankenstein boot. Dang stress fractures. Tawni finished in great time and actually took 2nd place overall in her age group!

Thanks to Brandon and Michelle for motivating us to run this fabulous race! I think it should be a Barrett summer tradition!


Kelli said...

How fun! That's awesome you did a half marathon! Hopefully one day I will be able to do that! :)

Barrett Family said...

Brady... you forgot to mention you came in 4th place in your age division! You were amazing. You also beat every Hintze and Barrett there... no small feat. The race was a blast and we should DEFINITELY do it again next year!!!