Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hot Days and Conference

Yesterday, October 1, 2010, was the hottest October day ever in the history of Utah. Not surprisingly my dad convinced Ben and I to go swimming with him in our doughboy pool to celebrate this feat. To seal its significance in history, Dad grabbed an empty pizza box and a marker to make a sign. Here is a photo of Ben and I modeling in front of the pool to commemorate this day:

Today, October 2, was another special day in my life. I came upon some conference tickets on Thursday for the Saturday AM session for General Conference. I, of course, decided to go on a triple man date with Nate and Shawn. I hadn't been to a session of Conference for a long time, so I was anxious to go and sit in the marvelous Conference Center. We sat on the far east side, looking almost completely sideways at the speakers. We were by the "red carpet" of the Conference Center where all the General Authorities enter.

I very much enjoyed the talks given in the first session, but I have to admit my mind was elsewhere. My mind was here:

My beautiful Portugal is soon going to have a temple! Tears came to my eyes when President Monson announced the construction of a temple in Lisbon, Portugal. I never imagined that I would see the building of a temple in my mission land so soon. I am so grateful to have served in Portugal and am so happy that those people will no longer have to travel to Spain or England to attend the temple.

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Kelli said...

Thought of you when the prophet announced there was going to be a temple there. I thought um that's Brady's mission I bet he's so happy. Great news!! :)