Friday, April 27, 2012

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I use Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, LinkedIn, and maybe another social networking site or two.  There are so many nowadays that I can never remember where I have accounts.  The point is that I'm out there for the world to see.  I choose to be involved in such sites because I enjoy being connected to people.  Many times have I considered deleting certain accounts, but I never do because of the relationships that would be lost.  Social networks are powerful tools.  But like actual power tools, social networks can do more bad than good if put into the wrong hands.

A recent article in the Deseret News reminds us that employers often seek information about applicants using social networking sites.  It is surprising to discover that one third of hiring mangers reported not hiring someone because of their online profiles.  One third?  Why, then, do people consistently post things about themselves that would drive employers away?  It is mind-boggling to me.

The opposite can also be true, according to the report.  Some employers are pleased to find that an applicant is well-rounded with a healthy personal life.  Social networks can show someone's creativity and character as well.

The lesson: think before you post.

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