Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Predictive text victim

I'm no stranger to texts-gone-wrong.  Several times I have sent a text to the wrong person at the wrong time. But I've been pretty good about predictive texting.  I usually make sure my text says what I intend it to say, and I'm pretty particular about my grammar.

Not today.

My mother and two of my younger siblings traveled down to New Mexico to visit my sister.  Apparently my brother didn't bring any shoes.  (They left very early one morning so he claims to have simply forgotten to bring them.)

So I received this text from him this morning: "Don't be mad but I got new shoes."

Why would I be mad?*  Because this 14 year old boy has more shoes than any woman I know.  Nike survives off him.  He's got an obsession with shoes and socks that is unmatched.

I replied to his text: "You spoiled bum."

He jabbed: "Don't be jealous."

Sarcastically I responded with this: "Oh, Mommy, I accidentally forgot to bring my whore.  Could you go buy me some nice ones to hold me over?"

I received a call from my mother about 30 seconds after I pressed Send.

She told me I should apologize to my brother for what I had said.  I didn't get it.  Then she chastised me for my inappropriate text.

Inappropriate?  What was she talking about?

I sent "whore."  Not "shoes" like I had intended.  "Whore."  Just imagine the face of a teenage boy receiving those words from his older and (supposedly) more mature brother.  Not only did I accuse him of forgetting his whore (not shoes), but I suggested that his mother go buy him some nice ones to hold him over.

I hate texting.

*I wasn't really angry.  Simply dumbfounded.


Sara said...

i'm not gonna lie, i laughed really really hard at this post Brady. as terrible as that would be to text to your brother, the whole thing is pretty hilarious. i love errors like that that are so incredibly embarrassing at the moment, but even more hilarious later on. :-)

Barrett Family said...

How have I not heard this story?!!! That is HILARIOUS!!! Poor Ben!!!